Short trips from Merzouga

3-day itineraries for those with little time

We also designed some shorter trips, that you can book solo or with just 2 people as well as bigger groups. And even though they start in Merzouga, we will take you away from the crowds as fast as we can.

You can choose to hike close to Merzouga or in more remote areas of the Sahara.

Our short itineraries from Merzouga

Short hike 1 - Merzouga special

Day 1: Leave Merzouga in the afternoon into the dunes. You will spend the night in a basic camp in the middle of the dunes, if you are lucky, you will be the only guest there.

Day 2: Go on a hike with your guide behind the dunes, have lunch with a nomad family and explore the old mines and find some fossils in the afternoon. Spend the night in a nice camp.

Day 3: Return to Merzouga via the biggest dune of Erg Chebbi (if you’re up to it) for amazing views of the area.

Short hike 2 - One way south

Day 1: Leave Merzouga early with camels, hike through the dunes and turn south. Cross the mountains with an option to visit the old mines and the deserted village. Camp in the dunes of Erg Zniggui.


Day 2: Hike through Erg Zniggui and cross the planes towards Hassi Begaa Mountain. Camp below the mountain.


Day 3: Hike around and over the Hassi Begaa Mountain with amazing views over the whole area and finish the day in Hassi Begaa village where you will be picked up.


Short hike 3 - The "no camping" one

Day 1:

Car ride south towards Ouzina, we will get out of the car early and start hiking. The luggage will be transfered to the accomodation. Lunch once we reach the auberge right next to the empty sand dunes. Climb the dunes for sunset (if you like). You have the option to sleep in a small tent in the middle of the dunes and just use your room for rest during the day and showers.

Day 2:

Go for a hike around the nearby hills in search of nomad families with their goats. Lunch in the auberge. Afternoon to relax or explore the dunes.

Day 3: Hike to Ouzina town in the morning, crossing the river bed. Explore the small oasis and the ruins of the old kasbah. Berber pizza lunch in Ouzina. Pick up and drive back to Merzouga in the afternoon.

Short hike 4 - 3 days hiking

Day 1: Leave Merzouga early, drop off at the southern end of the asphalt road. Meet the camels and team there. Hiking between the river bed and the mountains toward the west. Camp behind Erg Ouzina.


Day 2: Hike around Erg Ouzina into the hills. If we are lucky we will run into some local nomads with their goats. Continue through the river bed towards Ouzina village and set up camp outside the town.


Day 3: Explore the little village of Ouzina and then hike back to the road. Pick up in the afternoon.