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Berber adventure tours organises adventurous hiking trips in the Moroccan Sahara from Merzouga or Zagora

“Imagine waking up to total silence, the first rays of sunlight peaking over the sand dunes next to your tent. After a simple breakfast of fresh bread, olives and tea, you will walk through landscapes that most people will never set their eyes on. Sand dunes, dried up river beds and bare mountains showing layers that are millions of years old.”

Hike with us in the Moroccan Sahara

You are looking for a very special adventure? A trip most people won’t dare to take?

Then come hike with us in the Sahara!

We offer private once-in-a-lifetime, multi-day desert hiking in Morocco, far away from civilization. Trek with us in a way the Berber nomads have travelled for centuries. With only the absolute necessities, supported by our trusted camels we will take you on a trip you will never forget!

Desert hiking in Morocco, follow the footsteps of the Berber people on our multi-day hiking trips in the Sahara.

What our clients say:

lavoyageuse teamlavoyageuse team
13:56 26 Jan 24
Really delighted to share my exceptional experience with Berber Adventure Tours, a true gem for desert trekking. Eva and Hassan have both made this journey incredibly transformative.Right from the start, Eva has been reactive and provided invaluable information to all my inquiries about the trip. Eva and Hassan were extremely welcoming and their profound knowledge of local culture and customs added a layer of richness to the entire experience.During my brief 3-day trekking in the desert, every moment exceeded my expectations. The remoteness from civilization, the culinary delights, the captivating bonfires, and the rhythmic drumming music by the Berbers all contributed to an unforgettable adventure.My stay in the desert was more than just a trip; it was a holistic experience that left a lasting impression. I will definitely come back again and stay much longer next time!Thanks to Eva and Hassan for their exceptional hospitality. I wholeheartedly recommend Authentic Berber Experience to anyone seeking an immersive and authentic desert adventure.
Andreas AbbAndreas Abb
13:41 15 Jan 24
Anyone who is interested in the magic of the desert and a Morocco beyond the usual tourist impressions has come to the right place!We did a somewhat more unusual tour with Eva and Hassan from Berber Adventure Tours last year, because we were looking for particularly picturesque and photogenic places to capture images for a video project. During the preliminary conversation, I quickly got the feeling that Eva understood exactly what we had in mind and in the four days that we spent together afterwards, literally no wish remained unfulfilled. It sounds like a platitude, but from organizing all the trips, choosing interesting places, places to stay, restaurants and much more, everything went absolutely smoothly. There were personal anecdotes or background stories about almost everything - we almost casually examined petrified fossils or found the occasional mint growing in the desert sand.I absolutely share the approach of offering a more down-to-earth and respectful travel experience that doesn't involve a lot of noise, trash or desert buggies.Even though the reason for our trip was primarily professional, we were able to have a deeply personal experience, saw the beauty of the desert in all its power and overall experienced a real adventure.Thank you for that. 🙂
Laura klaubholzLaura klaubholz
23:28 13 Jan 24
2.My Morocco trip begins at the end of December in Marrakech and a twelve-hour bus journey over the Atlas Mountains. As a solo traveler, 60+ and for the first time in Morocco, I came across Eva and Hassan's Berber_Adventure_Tours during my preparation. There was an offer there to take part in a group hike for a few days over New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve. I made contact very easily, booked and received great tips and suggestions for my start in Morocco from Eva from Berber_Adventure_Tours before I left. When I arrived in Merzouga, I was picked up and taken to a wonderful little auberge. The next morning I met my travel company, a nice Danish couple and Hassan and Eva. After half an hour of driving, the driver dropped us off in the desert to start our first hike with the destination Auberge Ouzina Rival. We achieved this after a very varied four hours of hiking through different colored pebble deserts, dune landscapes and always in the distance the view of majestic rocky mountain formations towards Algeria. We spent two days in the cozy, traditionally designed auberge in an absolutely secluded location on the edge of a sand dune, from there we started further hikes, enjoyed delicious tagine dishes, and celebrated New Year's Eve together, including playing Uno, traditional drum music and a campfire with sparklers under a phenomenal starry sky.My common thread during my trip to Morocco was drawing. In this NYE ​​event from Berber_Adventure_Tours there was always time and space to dedicate myself to my sketchbook.For me, this was a great introduction to Morocco: as a woman aged 60+ traveling alone, I was able to keep up with our hikes and I felt very good in the group. Everything was well organized. With Eva's help, I organized another trip to the Dadest Valley, Marrakech and Essaouira.Conclusion: If you want to experience the silence and diversity of the desert away from the busy Merzouga, you are in good hands with Berber_Adventure_Tours.
Saim NazirSaim Nazir
11:17 09 Jan 24
We recently had the pleasure of embarking on a desert tour with Berber Adventure Tours in the Moroccan Sahara, and it was a truly memorable experience. The tour was well-organized, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey through the stunning landscapes of the desert. Hassan and Eva are knowledgeable and passionate, sharing fascinating insights about the Sahara's climate and ecology.The accommodations and meals provided during the tour were comfortable and satisfying, adding to the overall experience. What stood out most was the breathtaking scenery – the vastness of the sand dunes and the beautiful sunsets were simply unforgettable. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone looking for an adventure in the Sahara. Their professionalism and attention to detail made this trip not just a journey, but an experience we will cherish.
David EichholzerDavid Eichholzer
08:14 29 Nov 23
The internet is flooded with mainstream tourist desert trips around Merzouga, making it quite challenging to sift through the mass of options. Fortunately, we came upon Berber Adventure Tours, and we couldn't have been happier with our choice. The communication was swift and remarkably straightforward.We opted for a 3-day tour to the dunes in Ouzina and had an incredible time with Eva. She tailored the trip to our specific wants and desires, which was truly amazing. Eva's extensive contacts in the area became evident, and the hotel she arranged for us in Merzouga was nothing short of fantastic.For those seeking a personalized tour away from the well-trodden paths of mainstream tourism, and at a reasonable price, I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to Berber Adventure Tours. Thank you for an outstanding trip—it was an absolute pleasure!
Sara OppligerSara Oppliger
20:37 26 Nov 23
We were able to experience a wonderful four-day desert hike. An adventure that we won't soon forget: the wonderful nature, the peace and quiet, the fine food, the friendly crew, the friendly atmosphere. We felt very comfortable. Everything was super organized.
Benedikt EBenedikt E
20:38 25 Nov 23
We had a great time in Merzouga and were able to go on many lovely trips and hikes with Eva and Hassan. The children had a lot of fun collecting fossils, in the dunes and on the sunset ride with the camels. We were able to get an authentic insight into Moroccan culture and really enjoyed the time as a whole family. We can only recommend Berber Adventure Tours, also for hikes or day trips with children. The company is very family friendly.
Lauren PapierskiLauren Papierski
20:04 25 Nov 23
My boyfriend and I did a 5 day/4 night Sahara trek with Berber Adventures in October. The trek was nothing short of amazing and they were able to help us customize to ensure we got everything we wanted out of our trip. Eva was very communicative and helpful and really made the planning very easy for us. They were THE ONLY company I could find in my research that allowed for actual hiking and camping without car transfers etc and they were able to accommodate not only a riding camel, so that we could get the experience of riding as well as walking but also a private tour, all for a very reasonable price. They were very flexible, which I didn’t necessarily find with other tours.Out of our entire time spent in Morocco, the food was the most authentic that we had and was absolutely delicious. The amount of time trekking per day was perfect and allowed for us to play with some of the nomad kids, spend time with a berber family and relax and really take in the beautiful desert environment. Hassan, our guide, was AMAZING, and knows SO much about the desert and Morocco in general. We had a fantastic time with the entire crew and out of an almost 20 day trip, this was by far our favorite experience. It challenged us just enough while also showing us an authentic side to Moroccan berber life. We have already talked about coming back and doing this again, I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a true desert trekking experience.
Michael IffMichael Iff
15:49 20 Nov 23
This three-day hike from Merzouga was not only an adventure but also a unique way to get to know Morocco beyond mainstream tourism. For travelers who want to experience the country and culture in an authentic way, Berber Adventure Tours is the right choice.Eva, the organizer, planned and organized everything perfectly. From the start we felt we were in good hands and were able to concentrate fully on the journey ahead. After the tour she also gave us lots of cool tips for our onward journey through Morocco. This was exactly how you imagine hospitality in Morocco. Eva and her partner Hassan embody this warm and open spirit that made us feel truly welcome.Hassan, our guide, was great! He not only accompanied us in a very friendly manner, but also gave us really exciting insights into the history and culture of the Berbers and nomads. His knowledge made the trip really interesting and showed us the fascination for the desert and hiking.The landscapes we walked through were not only breathtaking, but also untouched by the masses of tourism.The camping experience was another highlight of this trip. The nights under the clear starry sky of the desert and the conversations around the campfire with the locals gave us insights into the culture and way of life.If you want to experience Morocco in a way that goes beyond the standard tourist itinerary, then this three-day trek from Merzouga is just the thing. Here you get to know the country and the culture in a way that creates an unforgettable travel experience.Thank you both for the great experience
Hannes KellermannHannes Kellermann
19:40 04 Jun 23
First of all - we are a couple from Austria and loved to be in the desert with Eva (German) and Hassan (Berber).In April 2023 (in the Ramadan) we had the opportunity to hike three days (3 hours per day) in the desert and have nice accomodation (aubergè and tent) in the desert. It was amazing, how different the desert can be and to see so many different landscapes in such a short time. The trip was very well organized and we loved to come close to the culture of the Berbers (thanks Hassan for organizing fasting breaking with your sister and your brothers!). At Ouzina you can feel the modesty of the people which we forget pretty fast in Europe.We even had one night in a private tent which was very special!It was an outstanding tour with Eva and Hasan and we will definitely come back for another adventure!
Adrian MannsdörferAdrian Mannsdörfer
10:38 05 Mar 23
Organising my three-day tour through the desert at Erg Chebbi with Eva was the best choice I could make. For the most part of the trip, it was only me and my guide Said, who knows everything that there is to tell about the desert and the way people live there. After the first afternoon hike with a camel through the sand dunes of the Sahara, we arrived at the only oasis in the middle of the dunes and stayed there in a small camp over night, only me without any other tourists!The next day I had lunch together with nomads living in the desert, it was the best berber pizza I could imagine. All food provided throughout the day and evening was great, also at the second evening where we stayed in one of the camps behind the sand dunes. If you are looking for an individual experience in the desert with local people, I can highly recommend you to contact Eva to make an unique experience (I know this sounds like an advertisement phrase, but I didn't know how else to descibe it).
10:35 17 Apr 22
Eva and Hassan led my inexperienced self on a hike through the dunes of Erg Chebbi to a desert camp outside Merzouga where we ate a delicious tajine meal and fruit. It was an experience I never would have had on my own and throughout which I felt I was in very capable hands, both in terms of the hiking we did and how reassuring and knowledgeable they are!We also explored the small town of Merzouga and neighboring towns and cooked a huge meal of chicken and vegetable couscous with Eva's friends in the area (everyone I met in their orbit was awesome). I was given specific and useful advice for my further travels (where to go and how to get there). Good, specific, reliable advice based on experience.My days in Merzouga felt like the perfect result of rigorous planning and casual comfort. And the cost was very reasonable. I definitely recommend Berber Adventure Tours. Eva and Hassan's affection and ease with their town is apparent and always made me feel looked after so I had space and freedom to roam.


“What can I say? Walking through the desert, experiencing the pure beauty of the Sahara and being part of a real caravan with warm-hearted and lovely crew members made this trip simply unforgettable. The crew members made it possible to let me dive into their culture and it still fills me up with great thankfulness.”


"If you are thinking about doing a trek with camels through the Sahara, I can only say: “Do it”! It was a very special experience, a great tour with a great group. It was incredibly strenuous and incredibly beautiful at the same time. During the hike, I was able to completely switch off from my otherwise stressful everyday life and relax completely through the almost meditative walking, which is something I have never experienced before."


„We really couldn’t have asked for more during our first visit to Morocco! Eva, Hassan and Saïd provided us with the perfect mix to make this trip unforgettable: walking through the dunes with camels, sleeping in an oasis, exploring Merzouga and drinking tea with nomads. If you are wondering if you would go on this adventure, I can only say that is worth all of it and that you will go home with memories that will last a lifetime!"

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Hiking from Merzouga

Merzouga, and the desert surrounding it, is our home turf! So expect to hike away from the crowds of overnight tourists. Come on one of our multi-day desert hikes and enjoy the best views the area has to offer. And be amazed by the night sky with millions of stars.

Hiking from Zagora

Zagora is easy to reach by bus from Marrakech, making this a convenient starting point for a multi-day desert hike. Starting in the beautiful Jebel Bani mountain range, making our way towards the dunes of Erg Chigaga and the Draa river valley. This is the hike that started Eva's love for the desert in Morocco.

Long distance hiking

If you are interested in a longer desert hike, we know just the place! The stretch between Zagora and Merzouga offers breath-taking landscapes and a lot of variety. You will not get bored, no matter if you choose to trek with us for 5 or 16 days.

We have a passion for multi-day hiking and adventure and we are ready to share this love with you!

If you’ve never been to the desert, let me tell you, it is much more diverse than you’d think. There is everything from rocky plains and dried up river beds to the high sand dunes everyone pictures. Our multi-day desert hiking tours in Morocco are designed to show you as much diversity as possible. And believe me, no one wants to walk through the sand dunes for 5 days in a row! 

As our tours need to stay flexible to adjust to weather conditions and fitness of the group, we cannot give you very detailed information until we know your preferred dates and group details.

Our desert hiking trips can start from Zagora, Merzouga or anywhere in between. The duration can be anything from 3 days to 3 weeks of hiking. We use camels to transport luggage, tents, food, water etc. You will only have to carry your day pack with your water, camera, etc. It is also possible to book a riding camel for an additional fee.

Our minimum group size is 2 people, maximum 10. If your group is bigger than this, please get in touch anyways and we will see if we can work something out.

Why us?

The combination of Hassan’s local knowledge and connections with Eva’s first hand experience hiking like this in the desert (and her being German with a natural focus on punctuality, thoroughness and follow through) makes us your perfect choice!

We have a deep love for the desert and a deep love for planning – giving you the luxury of relaxing while we make your adventure dream come true.

All inclusive service

From providing camping equipment and all food and drinks to picking the perfect route for you, we take care of everything.

You just have to provide us with some details about your group, your planned length of stay and your travel dates and we will take care of the rest.

During the hike you will get 3 meals per day, snacks and of course 24/7 guidance and assistance.


We believe in climate change and are trying hard to reduce our impact in this. We reduce plastic, take all our waste with us from the desert and even collect trash we find along our way.

Also, we source everything we can locally and make sure your money stays here, where it’s needed.

And, we use camels, not cars, to transport the luggage and food during the hike.