Hiking from Zagora

Hike with us around Zagora

Eva’s very first trip to Morocco was a hike in Erg Chigaga, close to M’Hamid. It was her most enjoyable holiday ever at that time mostly because hiking in the dunes is very meditative and relaxing.

Our favourite camel man lives in Zagora and knows the area very well. So you can be sure we will take you on the path less travelled, to the best camping sites and show you the best spots for photos, sunsets and star gazing.

Our standard hike from Zagora is a recreation of Eva’s first hike in Morocco and we hope you will go home with the same feeling of relaxation as she did.

We can of course customize these to your wishes.

Generally the days look like this:

Start hiking after breakfast, enjoy lunch under a tree, hike some more in the afternoon. Free time to enjoy the sunset in the evenings, discover the surroundings of the respective campsite. Depending on weather conditions there might be a camp fire in the evenings to bake fresh bread for dinner/breakfast. You would be helping with setting up camp and also packing up in the morning.

Our hikes from Zagora

Hike 1 - For desert lovers- Price starting from 650€ per person

  • Fitness level 2-3/5
  • 11 days, Jebel Bani, Erg Chigaga, Draa Valley, M’Hamid,
  • Total distance ca. 120-140 km over 9.5 days.

Day 1:

Arrival in Zagora, transfer to camp below Jebel Bani

Day 2:

Climb up the steep rocky path to the top of Jebel Bani, follow the river valley until we reach a small oasis with a well where we will set up camp

Day 3:

Follow the riverbed to the rocky flats, maybe we will meet some local nomads that camp in this area. Camp in the flats

Day 4:

Today we will cross the flats with the tall dunes of Erg Chigaga on the horizon. We will aim to have lunch between the first dunes under the Tamarist trees and head further in for our camp for the night

Day 5:

The first target for today is acending the highest dune of Erg Chigaga to enjoy the amazing views from the top. We might be able to spot our caravane setting up camp in the distance

Day 6:

More hiking in the dunes, heading south-east. The dunes will get smaller and smaller and we will cross some flats along the way. We will camp between the dunes

Day 7:

As we are nearing the Draa River Valley, the dunes get smaller and the flats bigger. We will camp close to a small village where a few nomads settled

Day 8:

We will cross the Draa Valley which in this part is very wide but rarely has any water. We will camp on the far bank in the dunes

Day 9:

Another day with small dunes and flats taking turns. In the flats watch out for meteorites between the colourful rocks. Camp will be set up in the dunes

Day 10:

If we are lucky, todays path will lead us across a big rock with tons of fossils from the days when the Sahara was the ocean floor. Camp will be set up under palm trees in an oasis close to M’Hamid. Our last night with the crew calls for a nice camp fire, singing and dancing

Day 11:

A short walk towards M’Hamid, where transport will wait to bring you to Zagora

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