Testimonials - What our customers say

Christine, 5 days hiking from Zagora

“If you want to become one with the grandiose nature of the Sahara, the adorable camels and the life of the nomads, BAT is the right place for you. It was great! The hike with our small caravan led us through dreamlike landscapes far away from civilisation, without meeting other tourists or groups. Hassan had thought of everything, nothing was missing, we were lovingly and variedly cooked for by him and could enjoy the peace, the dreamlike light at spectacular sunrises and sunsets and the beauty of the desert without any worries! Many thanks to Hassan and Eva for the perfect organisation and execution of an unforgettable hike!”

Andreas, 4 days from Merzoga

“Anyone who is interested in the magic of the desert and a Morocco beyond the usual tourist impressions has come to the right place!We did a somewhat more unusual tour with Eva and Hassan from Berber Adventure Tours last year, because we were looking for particularly picturesque and photogenic places to capture images for a video project. During the preliminary conversation, I quickly got the feeling that Eva understood exactly what we had in mind and in the four days that we spent together afterwards, literally no wish remained unfulfilled. It sounds like a platitude, but from organizing all the trips, choosing interesting places, places to stay, restaurants and much more, everything went absolutely smoothly. There were personal anecdotes or background stories about almost everything – we almost casually examined petrified fossils or found the occasional mint growing in the desert sand.I absolutely share the approach of offering a more down-to-earth and respectful travel experience that doesn’t involve a lot of noise, trash or desert buggies.Even though the reason for our trip was primarily professional, we were able to have a deeply personal experience, saw the beauty of the desert in all its power and overall experienced a real adventure.Thank you for that. 🙂 ”

Adrian, 3 days hiking from Merzouga

Organising my three-day tour through the desert at Erg Chebbi with Eva was the best choice I could make. For the most part of the trip, it was only me and my guide Said, who knows everything that there is to tell about the desert and the way people live there. After the first afternoon hike with a camel through the sand dunes of the Sahara, we arrived at the only oasis in the middle of the dunes and stayed there in a small camp over night, only me without any other tourists! The next day I had lunch together with nomads living in the desert, it was the best berber pizza I could imagine. All food provided throughout the day and evening was great, also at the second evening where we stayed in one of the camps behind the sand dunes. If you are looking for an individual experience in the desert with local people, I can highly recommend you to contact Eva to make an unique experience (I know this sounds like an advertisement phrase, but I didn’t know how else to describe it).

Vicky and David, 3 days hiking from Merzouga

“By camel to a lonely oasis with overnight stay. Good food and warm hosts. Dreamlike sunset on one of the highest dunes. Hike through the desert with impressive scenes and nature. On the last evening a more luxurious camp with the possibility of showers. The next day another short trip through the desert by off-road vehicle. Hassan our guide was very friendly and always took care of everything without being pushy.
We clarified everything with Eva in advance via email and WhatsApp. After our tour, Eva took a lot of time and gave us great tips for the rest of our trip (accommodation, places to go, restaurants, etc.), which we really benefited from!
My girlfriend and I really enjoyed it.
Thank you very much, you two!”

Hannes and Rebekka, 3 days customized hiking itinerary

First of all – we are a couple from Austria and loved to be in the desert with Eva and Hassan. In April 2023 (in the Ramadan) we had the opportunity to hike three days (3 hours per day) in the desert and have nice accomodation (aubergè and tent) in the desert. It was amazing, how different the desert can be and to see so many different landscapes in such a short time. The trip was very well organized and we loved to come close to the culture of the Berbers (thanks Hassan for organizing fasting breaking with your sister and your brothers!). At Ouzina you can feel the modesty of the people which we forget pretty fast in Europe. We even had one night in a private tent which was very special! It was an outstanding tour with Eva and Hasan and we will definitely come back for another adventure!

Carole, Samuel and Gil, 5 days Zagora

“Fantastically beautiful tour over the Jebel Bani, down over the stone plains and into the sandy desert, Erg Chigaga. Addi and Hassan made our 5-day trip a unique experience. It’s unbelievable what Addi has always conjured up in culinary terms and how the two of them spoiled us. Feeling the heat, observing the rapid consumption of water and enjoying the insane landscape and tranquility – it was really an intense experience. Thanks to a riding dromedary, our 9-year-old was also able to join in! Definitely recommended, whether alone or as a family! Thanks again from the heart to Hassan and Addi (and Eva for the organization)!”

Sina, Long-distance Hike 1

“I was part of the desert hiking trip in October 2019 together with a friend and had an unforgettable time. The well-rehearsed team was friendly, cordial, open, took good care of us and made all our wishes come true. The food was top level.

All in all, the atmosphere was very familial and I learned a lot about the nomad life, mostly because the guides were super authentic. The desert is just fantastic and much more divers than I had imagined. All in all, I can only recommend this tour – also as a detox from everyday life and being available at all times!”

Gesa, Long-distance Hike 1

“What can I say? Walking through the desert, experiencing the pure beauty of the Sahara and being part of a real caravan with warm-hearted and lovely crew members made this trip simply  unforgettable. The crew members made it possible to let me dive into their culture and it still fills me up with great thankfulness.”

Dina, Customized hiking itinerary

“After this trip, I will always take the Sahara desert with me, everywhere I go. From planning to booking to actually being in Morocco, everything went super smooth. The hospitality and generosity of the people were absolutely stunning, the food was so delicious, and the trek left nothing to be desired. I could socialize when I felt like socializing, and fall back deep into myself when I felt like retreating from the outside world. The breathtakingly beautiful, vast, wide land around me felt like it wasn’t empty at all. It felt like the desert is a space of infinite potential, as if all the possibilities I am looking for are contained there and are mine for the taking. Thank you, Eva and Hassan, for this amazing adventure, and for the lasting memories you so beautifully helped to create.”

Bob, Customized one week trip

Morocco offers a fantastic culture to immerse yourself in. The people, food, and architecture lay the foundation for what will be one of the most uniquely memorable experiences of your life. That’s baseline. However, when you book with Berber Adventure Tours your experience is exponentially enhanced. That’s owed to Eva and Hassan. Hiking with Hassan and learning about the Berber culture, his time exploring the Sahara as a child before the major tourism industry boom, and allowing us to ride his family camels were a highlight of my experience. Thanks to Eva and Hassan, our trip will be cherished for a lifetime.

Kat, Customized 3 day stay

Eva and Hassan led me on a hike through the dunes of Erg Chebbi to a desert camp outside Merzouga where we ate a delicious tajine meal and fruit. It was an experience I never would have had on my own and throughout which I felt I was in very capable hands, both in terms of the hiking we did and how reassuring and knowledgeable they are!

We also explored the small town of Merzouga and neighboring towns and cooked a huge meal of chicken and vegetable couscous with Eva’s friends in the area (everyone I met in their orbit was awesome).

My days in Merzouga felt like the perfect result of rigorous planning and casual comfort. And the cost was very reasonable. I definitely recommend Berber Adventure Tours.

Leen, Customized 2 day stay

We really couldn’t have asked for more during our first visit to Morocco! Eva, Hassan and Saïd provided us with the perfect mix to make this trip unforgettable: walking through the dunes with camels, sleeping in an oasis, exploring Merzouga and drinking tea with nomads. If you are wondering if you would go on this adventure, I can only say that is worth all of it and that you will go home with memories that will last a lifetime!


Vincent, Customized 2 day stay

Being triggered by the stories of my sister of Eva and the desert, we immediately wanted to go there. Being back, we can only confirm the things we heard! The desert is a magical place which we could explore in the most adventurous way! Hiking through the dunes with camels with as destiny an oasis were we spent the night, was really a once in a lifetime experience. The food there was delicious and as Saïd taught us how to make a tajine, we are hoping that in the future we will be able to make one half as good as his. We would really like to thank Eva, Hassan and Saïd for these amazing days!

Julia, Customized 2 day stay

By chance we read Eva’s travel report on the internet and contacted her directly. Since she lives in Merzouga herself, we were able to meet her spontaneously for tea.
In a very nice conversation with her, she asked about our wishes and ideas. A short time later we were able to park our car with her and Hassan and walked with Saiid to a small oasis. There we were welcomed with tea, biscuits and a very delicious tajine. Saiid is a very humorous person and loves to share his knowledge about the desert and the animals living there. We can only recommend him as a guide. After a very pleasant night in the desert, we returned after breakfast. At Eva and Hassan’s we had a shower and a small second breakfast before we started our long car ride to the sea. With Eva, Hassan and Saiid you get an authentic desert experience and are not fobbed off like in the usual camps. On the contrary, the three of them really cater to every wish and make everything possible.

Leonard, Customized 2 day stay

Our two-day desert hike with Hassan was truely special. We enjoyed the solitude and the ruggedness of the desert as we hiked through the sand and slept in a small oasis in the middle of nowhere. It was just us two and Hassan – no camels (although possible), no tourist groups. We couldn’t have imagined it any better. All this despite the fact that we had not planned ahead, but simply contacted Eva the morning we arrived in Merzouga to start on an adventure. She did everything she could to make this happen for us. Hassan even rescheduled a meeting regarding his sister’s wedding for us. Eva and Hassan are really great. When I got a little sick to my stomach during our trip, Hassan even made a special desert medicine tea for me. Thank you so much for everything! We can only recommend to experience such a unique desert adventure with Eva and Hassan in Morocco!

Sarah, Long distance hike 1

If you are thinking about doing a trek with camels through the Sahara, I can only say: “Do it”! It was a very special experience, a great tour with a great group. It was incredibly strenuous and incredibly beautiful at the same time. During the hike, I was able to completely switch off from my otherwise stressful everyday life and relax completely through the almost meditative walking, which is something I have never experienced before.