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Join us for the adventure of a lifetime

You are dreaming of experiencing the desert, but non of your friends want to join?

No problem, we got you covered! Just join one of our group trips in the Sahara in Morocco.

We will explore the remote parts of the Moroccan Sahara on a 5 days hike, supported by our trusted crew and camels.


Join us for one of our group tours!

The highlights:

  • Ait Ben Haddou
  • picture perfect sand dunes
  • river beds and oases
  • live like the Berber nomads do
  • enjoy traditional Moroccan food and hospitality


This is the perfect choice for a holiday in these times:

  • very little contact beyond your group and our crew
  • almost exclusively outdoors
  • no planning on your side necessary, we will take care of everything for you

Our next group hikes

From Merzouga

30 Jan-3 Feb 2023

800 € per person*

13-18 November 2023

900 € per person*

From Marrakech

12-18 February 2023

1300 € per person*

5-11 November 2023

1400 € per person*

From Zagora

10-14 March 2023

700 € per person*

From Zagora

19-23 March 2023

inquire for prices*

* based on 2 people sharing rooms/tents

Minimal participants 4. A deposit of 25% of the total cost is to be paid at the time of booking. The rest 30 days before departure. Payment via PayPal or into a German account. In case of less than the minimal number of bookings until 30 days before departure, the trip will be cancelled and the deposit returned.

Group trip Zagora - For desert beginners - 700€ per person

  • Fitness level 2-3/5
  • 5 days, Jebel Bani, Erg Chigaga
  • Total distance ca. 60-70 km over 5 days.

Day 0:

Arrival in Zagora, transfer to camp below Jebel Bani

Day 1:

Climb up the steep rocky path to the top of Jebel Bani, follow the river valley until we reach a small oasis with a well where we will set up camp

Day 2:

Follow the riverbed to the rocky flats, maybe we will meet some local nomads that camp in this area. Camp in the flats

Day 3:

Today we will cross the flats with the tall dunes of Erg Chigaga on the horizon. We will aim to have lunch between the first dunes under the Tamarist trees and head further in for our camp for the night

Day 4:

The first target for today is ascending the highest dune of Erg Chigaga to enjoy the amazing views from the top. We might be able to spot our camel caravan setting up camp in the distance

Day 5:

More hiking in the dunes, towards the piste where we will be picked up after a couple of hours

Group trip Marrakech - spectacular landscapes - from 1300 € per person

  • 7 days total, 4.5 days hiking, Marrakech, Ait Ben Haddou, Sidi Ali, Ramlia, Ouzina, Merzouga

  • Total distance ca. 60 km over 4.5 days
  • Fitness level 2/5

Day 0:

Arrival in Marrakech

Day 1 (Feb. 6th 2022):

Pick up in Marrakech early, drive through the Atlas mountains, short visit in Ait Ben Haddou, lunch, drop of at Auberge around sunset

Day 2-6:

(Depending on weather and fitness, camp might be in different spots):

The trek begins with a nice flat walk towards a mountain range that we will need to cross (around 400 m height difference, but nothing too steep). The side of the mountain has some dunes before turning into rocky slopes.

Once we reach the pass, we will have some spectacular views of the valley beyond. We have to find a safe way down into the valley for the camels and start our descend. We follow the valley for a day and likely run into local nomads with their goat herds. We stop regularly at some wells to stock up on water, wash our hair and if you want your laundry. All along the way we can find beautiful rocks and flowers, see lizards and tracks of desert foxes.

We cross a big Ouad (a most likely dry river bed) and head into the tiny town of Ramlia, depending on the time of day for coffee, lunch or a snack. If we are lucky the little bakery is open and we can stock up on some delicious cookies.

We walk along a mountain range which will give us shelter from the wind if necessary. We cross some more small mountains, cross small dune fields and dry river beds, have a break at a small oasis and end the trip in my favourite dunes of Morocco (as they are pretty untouched by tourism). Here we will be picked up and driven to Merzouga, where we will spend the night.

Day 7 (Feb. 12th 2022):

Return to Marrakech via Minibus

Group trip Merzouga - For desert newbies - from 800 € per person

  • 5 days, Merzouga, Erg Chebbi, Hassi Begaa, Erg Znigui, Merzouga
  • Total distance ca. 50-60 km over 4.5 days
  • Fitness level 2-3/5

Day 0:

Arrival in Merzouga

Day 1 (Feb. 21st 2022):

Leave Merzouga after breakfast. Hiking today will be mostly in sand, crossing the dunes, lunch in an oasis, set up camp behind the dunes (optional luxury camp)

Day 2:

Today we will hike along a dry river bed, with great views of the dunes all day. Set up camp close to Hassi Begaa

Day 3:

We will explore the local mountains, climb up for an amazing sunset view, same camp as day 2

Day 4:

Today we will cross Erg Znigui and the hills, visit an abandoned village and old mines.

Camp in nomad village behind the dunes

Day 5 (Feb. 25th 2022):

On the last day we will cross Erg Chebbi again to return to Merzouga

Is this the right trip for you?


  • You are usually a solo traveller but exploring the desert on your own is impossible?
  • You love group trips for the fun and company they offer?
  • You have never been to a desert but would love to safely experience the uniqueness of this environment?

Who can join?

You are/have

  • over 18 years
  • fully vaccinated against covid19
  • an adventurous personality with average fitness level
  • the ability to unplug for 5 days, there is no phone reception/internet along the hiking route

What our clients say about this trip:

Gesa from Germany:

“What can I say? Walking through the desert, experiencing the pure beauty of the Sahara and being part of a real caravan with warm-hearted and lovely crew members made this trip simply unforgettable. The crew members made it possible to let me dive into their culture and it still fills me up with great thankfulness.”


Tents (price based on 2 people sharing), mattresses, other accomodation and transport as indicated, all meals except breakfast on day 1, filtered well water during the hike, mineral water on transfer days, a colourful turban, camels for luggage transport during the hike, experienced guides, cook

What's not included?

Flights, in-country transfers if not indicated in the details, visa (if applicable), riding camel, single supplement, optional night in luxury camp if indicated in the itinerary, tips for drivers, guides and cook (we will send you a guide on tipping once you booked), sleeping bags, unexpected costs due to weather, injuries, late flights/luggage, drinks or food outside of meals, insurances (we strongly urge you to get travel health insurance that covers transfers to your home country in case of injuries/sickness)